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Woman in Yellow

I have been to quite a number of places, but I have never experienced the genuine care and concern for me that was shown and given to me when I came to Philippians 3!!! I am still on cloud 26 because of my time there, and that was over a year ago!!


Smiling Young Man

Where else do you go to receive assistance and are treated like a celebrity?!! Man! I thought I was going to a thrift store, but I was blown away by the quality of everything they had to offer. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be at a place where I had to ask for help, but I thank God that I was able to connect with such an awesome group of people who are my family now!! Wow!


Senior Man

When my wife passed, I wanted to grant her wish that her clothes and jewelry would not go to a thrift store where people buying her things would not know the sentimentality of it all. In talking with my daughter, she told me about this place Philippians 3 where they didn't sell anything, but passed it on to people who would appreciate and value the history of the things they received. I called them up and they not only accepted the donation of Helen's things, but they showed me where her blouses, slacks and other things were going to go in inventory. They asked me her name, and assured me that Helen's belongings would be taken care of and someone special as her would wear them and take good care of them. After they took me to the Still Water's Room to sit and reflect for a minute, I was able to leave with a light feeling that I had done what Helen wanted me to do!!

Mr. Walter

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