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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at P3-MINC, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2005, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit Organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress. We have been providing High End NO COST Business Wardrobes to our clients since 2009. Our clients cover a broad spectrum of individuals who are at a place where they welcome assistance with interview clothing or an updated wardrobe. Our clients include, but are not limited to re-entry citizens from prison or rehab, domestic violence survivors, displaced individuals and those who have stability and are currently employed. We provide up to 2 weeks' worth of wardrobe while they are seeking employment, and once they are employed, they can return for 2 - 3 weeks of clothing for the new job. This keeps them from having to take their first couple of paychecks to buy new clothes for their new employment!! We also offer mentoring and a holistic approach to counseling and empowerment. Everyone is transformed from the inside out!  Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

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